The resort is under project phase now. more information:

The Resort will consist of a main building for restaurant, bar, massage place and necessary facilities. 10 bungalows with private spa, including 3 for VIP standard, 5 for normal standard, and 2 standard ones without SPA. In addition 6 individual double room studios will be available for the 6 families working with us and 4 similar studios for backpackers. We will have a spa near the massage place, and a swimming pool; all water can be collected from local public water reservoir network but we will install an individual water cleaning unit drilled from the underground with recycling capacity as we are located in a rich water sourced region. Public Electricity will be coupled with solar cell units and a wind energy turbine to be as neutral as possible on CO2 carbon foot print emission. All the farm is 100 % organic and will remain. We have already the farm leader ready to come, the chef for the restaurant and our enthusiasm to make this dream come true.

We will offer renting of scooters, big bikes and a few bicycles will be available for free for discovering the (flat) valley where we are.  

On longer term we want to extend to a 3rd land available where we want to instal individual houses where retired people can stay for good or on yearly basis, half year basis or monthly and a double floor condominium for 20 students as we are located 2 km away from a major Lanna northern Thailand university which is just starting soon. As a conclusion we want to

- propose a Quality orientated resort with a fantastic sunset view (name of the project),

- a direct supply chain of organic fruits and vegetables for the smoothies and Thai good restaurant of ours and other establishments ready to deal with organic sourced products in Chiang Mai region,

- Contribute to a decent condition of living and working for 6 families for whom we will finance the education of their children up to university levels and

- Provide a complété housing / food service / medical care (if necessary) for people whom want to retire in a healthy environment on temporary basis (one month, quarterly), or long term basis (6 months, yearly or longer).

If we can achieve all these goals we will feel being able to provide a real contribution of well being in our lives.